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Wrath x5 WotLK | ONLINE 
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Wrath x5 WotLK Realm Features

Realm Rates: x5 Exp, x3 Gold, x3 Quests, x3 Explore, x3 Weapon Skills, x3 Professions and x3 Reputation Rates.

Long-Term & Blizzlike WoW server!
Weekly updates for Wrath x5 (3.3.5a) realm
Auction House, Transmogrification are available in retail locations
Dungeon and Raid Finder System are available
NO CUSTOM ITEMS. Balanced classes
CROSS-FACTION ENABLED!. All Raids, Battlegrounds and Arenas are Cross-faction compatible, also Guilds, Friends and Who List!
maps, vmaps and mmaps (including pathfinding) available!
Event rewards and vendors

Double XP Weekend on Wrath x5 realm

Quests Daily Reset Time 3:00 AM (Blizzlike, default)
Daily Battleground Reset Time Hour 6:00 AM (Blizzlike, default)
Instance Reset Time Hour 04:00 AM (Blizzlike, default)
Quests Weekly Reset WDay Wednesday (Day of the week when weekly quest reset occurs, default)

All Flight Paths enabled
Instant Flight Paths disabled
Reset Duel Cooldowns enabled
Always Max Skill For Level enabled

Stable & Dedicated Linux servers (Located in Europe)
Frequent updates and daily support

 Wrath x5 rates

Wrath of the Lich King server features

WoW version: 3.3.5a (Build 12340)

Wrath x5 WotLK server
Blizzlike Low-Rate
134 Unique players last 7 days
3.3.5a (Build 12340)
set realmlist

Start your adventure!
Download the game client, register and play for free!

Ruby Sanctum now available! RS, Hal 10/25 - Dragonblight, Wyrmrest Temple
Vault of Archavon now available! VoA 10/25 - Wintergrasp

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