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Special & World Events

Ongoing events

Over the course of Azeroth's troubled history, the times of celebration have fallen under the shadow of the conflicts that have shaped and scarred the world. Every day, as new challenges surface, new champions answer the call to arms, relishing the glory and the rewards of battles well fought. Below are details of some of the current disturbances warranting investigation - and participation - by the world's most adventurous heroes.

Darkmoon Faire
Info: First week of each month, in Mulgore and Elwynn Forest, and primarily on Darkmoon Island.

Darkmoon Deathmatch
Info: Every 3 hours at the southern pavilion of the Darkmoon Faire, during Faire week.

Argent Tournament
Info: Permanent, at the Argent Tournament grounds in northern Icecrown.

Gurubashi Arena Booty Run
Info: Every 3 hours, at the arena in Stranglethorn Vale.

Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza
Info: Sundays from 2-4pm, in Stranglethorn Vale.

Seasonal events

To help offset the strain and tension of constant warfare, the leaders of the Horde and the Alliance occasionally organize full-blown festivities for their people, centered around holidays and special events.

New Year
Time Period: 31st Dec - 1st Jan
Related Earth Event: New Year's Eve
Additional Info: Gregorian calendar

Lunar Festival
Time Period: Varies (Spring)
Related Earth Event: Lunar New Year
Additional Info: Chinese calendar

Love is in the Air
Time Period: 7th Feb - 20th Feb
Related Earth Event: Valentine's Day
Additional Info: -

Time Period: Varies (Easter)
Related Earth Event: Easter
Additional Info: -

Children's Week
Time Period: 1st May - 7th May
Related Earth Event: Children's Day - Japan / Mother's Day - US
Additional Info: -

Midsummer Fire Festival
Time Period: 21st June - 5th July
Related Earth Event: Midsummer / Canada Day - CAN / International Talk Like a Pirate Day
Additional Info: US observed! Fire in the Sky Engineers' Explosive Extravaganza

Pirates' Day
Time Period: 19th Sept
Related Earth Event: International Talk Like a Pirate Day
Additional Info: First observed Sept 19th, 2008.

Time Period: 20th Sept - 4th Oct
Related Earth Event: Oktoberfest - Germany
Additional Info: -

Harvest Festival
Time Period: 27th Sept - 4th Oct
Related Earth Event: Thanksgiving - Canada, US / Columbus Day - US
Additional Info: -

Peon Day
Time Period: 30th Sept
Related Earth Event: EU Closed Beta began: September 30, 2004
Additional Info: Observed only in Europe

Hallow's End
Time Period: 18th Oct - 1st Nov
Related Earth Event: Halloween
Additional Info: -

Day of the Dead
Time Period: 1st Nov - 2nd Nov
Related Earth Event: Day of the Dead
Additional Info: -

WoW's Anniversary
Time Period: 16th Nov - 30th Nov
Related Earth Event: -
Additional Info: -

Pilgrim's Bounty
Time Period: 22nd Nov - 28th Nov
Related Earth Event: Thanksgiving
Additional Info: -

Feast of Winter Veil
Time Period: 15th Dec - 2nd Jan
Related Earth Event: Thanksgiving
Additional Info: Christmas

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